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The legal bits

This agreement is between us (“the Licensor”) and you “(the Licensee”)

1 ) Definitions

“The Hut” means Daisy Chain hut E10  Southcliff , Walton on the Naze, Essex CO14 8EJ

“Date of Booking” means the date for which you have booked the Hut.

“Daily rate” means the rate payable for each day of hire of the Hut


2 ) Charges

Payment of the daily rate is required in full before the date you have booked which is non-refundable subject to the exclusion below;

In the event that the Hut is unavailable for let due to damage sustained to the Hut which would make it unsuitable to let, such damage having been sustained due to severe weather conditions causing the Hut to be found unsafe and / or not watertight, we will at our discretion endeavour to offer an alternative date subject to availability, failing which we shall apply a full refund in the circumstances that apply within this clause

The booking is not transferable.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking after giving notice to you in the event that we are unable to let the Hut for reasons beyond our reasonable control and/or in circumstances which we consider the Hut is unsuitable for let, in which event we will offer an alternative date or alternative accommodation subject to the provisions of Clause

The key code for the keys of the Hut shall be released by E-mail or TXT the day before the booking upon full payment having been made at the Daily Rate to the Account for the Date of Booking.

3 ) Duration of Let and Capacity

The Hut is available from 8am to 10pm each date of Booking.  

Staying in the hut overnight is prohibited by Tendring borough council regulations

The keys are available from the key safe on the left side of the Hut.  

Keep noise to a minimum and respectfully be aware of occupants of other beach huts.  Music ( there is a radio in the hut ) is permitted but confined to the Hut and kept to a minimum in order not to cause nuisance.

The maximum capacity permitted per hut including adults, children and pets is 8

 4 )  General

The stove should be correctly turned off after use. We will not be responsible or held liable for any misuse of the gas stove.  Do not use your own pans on the stove as they could be a fire hazard.

For safety reasons smoking is not permitted in the Hut at any time.

Barbeques are not permitted

All litter is to be removed and disposed of responsibly on your departure on the booking date.

The Hut should be left in a clean and tidy condition and swept out prior to departure and cleaning equipment and products are provided for that purpose.

The Licensee is responsible for all of his/her personal property and that of his/her guests.  We do not accept responsibility or liability for any loss, theft, or damage to personal belongings howsoever caused.

All damage and breakages are to be reported to us.  The cost of damage caused by you, and / or your guests shall be borne by us up to the value of £10 (ten pounds) over and above this value we shall charge you for damage and repairs on production of an invoice for the same.

Departure on Date of Booking

The Hut must be vacated by 10pm on the Date of Booking.

The Hut must be securely locked and bolted and the keys replaced within  the key safe and the numbers scrambled and the shutter to the safe closed.

Loss of keys will result in a charge to you for the cost of a new set of keys and the cost of a locksmith on notice to you and thereafter production of an invoice to you payable by you within 14 days of that invoice date.

5 )  Jurisdiction

The laws of England apply to this Agreement.

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